Tracked, secure and convenient remote electric key access, even in harsh environments

The LOKtouch KMS-Pro system gives you the freedom to control access to door locks or padlocks through the power of an electronic key, allowing tracked access control beyond the limits of physically wired systems. Many buildings and secure areas (such as metre boxes and farming or industrial buildings), especially those in rugged environments or remote locations, don’t allow for cables and electric lock systems. The KMS-Pro technology uses the E-Plug and E-Key electronic components, offering easy-to-use, secure, recorded and controlled access through uniquely programmed keys. This system is ideal for schools, waterworks, regional councils, farms, hospitals, airports, factories, power companies and the like.

What makes KMS-Pro the best electric lock option for commercial, industrial, council or farming industries?

The advantages of KMS-Pro start with user-friendly equipment, lower costs compared to traditional electronic lock access systems, the ability to easily upgrade existing key and lock hardware and the ability to programme access control without a power source at your secure location. The system takes an existing padlock or door locking mechanism and upgrades the cylinder path to gain access control. The main difference between traditional electronic locks and the KMS-Pro is that it doesn’t require a power source, this system is reversed - by holding all the power, data and access control in the key itself. The keys use a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth, powering the electronic cylinder to open the lock.

How can I programme access control in my KMS-Pro system?

All of the data is held in each unique electronic key, and these can be programmed online by a manager or property owner to suit each user. For example, one key may have access to 3 out of 5 padlocks or doors, only between the hours of 8am and 6pm, and another key access can differ entirely for the same locks. Best of all, these settings can all be controlled and switched on and off remotely within minutes if needed, unlike many traditional key or card access systems. This makes it the perfect system for managing all types of access, whether it be workers, contractors, visitors or employees, allowing specific access requirements as well as tracked data of which keys have been used when and where.

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Programmed Individual Keys

Tracked data, unique access control and battery power are held in each seperate key.

Highly Secure

Each key can easily be programmed to instantly give specific access for particular days and times.

Retrofit For Your Needs

The KMS-Pro system is designed to fit a wide range of doors or locks, even in rugged areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

If securing your building is a priority, LOKtouch provides many benefits over ordinary pin code locks. This system has several layers of code protection, and every individual site has its own unique site number. LOKtouch uses two way data encryption to AES128 standards.
The system can rage from one to 3000 locks on the same system, with one to 4000 unique, programmable keys. Some businesses we work with use multiple locks around their business, for example on storage or electronics cabinets or cupboards to maintain security with sensitive content.
Yes. Since each key holds unique data, whilst you can’t track the location of the key, you can see records of when and where it was used to open a lock. This means, should security or COVID19 tracking issues arise, you’ll be able to find out exactly which doors were opened by each user and the times and days this occurred.
Yes, unlike many access control systems, you can quickly and easily change the access permits for each key. This can be right down to details such as which doors they have access to, and at what times of the day. This makes it easy to add additional access permits for employees when needed, and then turn them off if required. This could also work if you want to give contractors access to buildings or rooms for maintenance or other work for certain periods of time, without giving them full access at all hours.
The LOKtouch KMS-Pro E-Cylinder system is designed to retro fit into standard commercial locksets. We produce a vast range of cylinders to suit almost all lock and door types, from small or thin to wide, large locks, or separate padlocks. Because of the modular design of the E-Plug, we can also custom make solutions for your door. The system can even be installed into old or historic structures, everything from museums through to older school buildings and modern offices. Converting your traditional key lock to electric, usage-tracked locks can also be done on both external entry and internal room doors, and even cupboards.
If you lose a key (it’s best to have at least two!) it is a simple process to blacklist your key from a cylinder, to prevent it from being able to open the lock again until you find it. The LOKtouch system also has a validation feature which can be set to deactivate the key after a set period and remains like this until you reactivate it on an internal validation unit.
No, and this is a fantastic benefit of the LOKtouch KMS-Pro system. You can remove or delete lost and stolen keys and also re-name cylinders, so you will never have the expense of a Security Keying system re-key or needing to replace all your locks again.

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